A Stroll around town

Saturdays are really one of the best days for me to get things done and even have a little fun. We went cruising around to get some stuff, so we went to the farmers market which is always held in the grand army plaza area which is right next to prospect park, one the biggest parks in Brooklyn, we love going there and getting some great treats and stuff. We took a few pics, not that many but just enough, my camera was acting up, lol.

There is always so much people there every single Saturday, sometimes you have to be careful that everyone is near, its so easy to loose people you came with!! But overall it was nice to see so many people, i didn't take any pics of the stands and things they had, maybe next week.

But what we did do was get a pumpkin all of my kids wanted one for themselves, I think one will do for now...so now we have to carve them and make yummy recipes with what we didn't use, we are going there again next week. More pics then for sure.

Cobra golf


Mom Times Three said...

I used to live in Park Slope, not far from Prospect Park. It's nice to see some pictures! Though I don't think they had a Farmer's Market back then. It looks great!

Barbara said...

Hi razz, I really appreciate all this pictures you took. I love NY and is my dream place. I do have family in Brooklyn but have never been. Please put more up when your camera is working good. Have a great day.
Barbara :)

Mindy said...

I loved looking at your pictures. My husband is from Brooklyn but we haven't been back for years.
Thanks for sharing.