Things to do in Autumn

I love this time of year, almost as much as christmas, why? Because the air is so nice and crisp and the colors of the leaves are so bright, if you are having a sucky day, going for a brisk walk during the fall season, is the best and it can also help you lose weight because the holiday season is up ahead and think about all those good foods you will be eating! I mentioned collecting leaves and putting them all over your home, in a very clean way. Clean out your closet and start searching for winter clothing or just tidy things up. Go to the farmers market and get some nice seasonal veggies and fruits. Get some pumpkins, whatever you do, just have fun.


Anonymous said...

Now you've got me in the mood for fall. Too bad I live in Florida!

Shrinking Pamelalala

Unknown said...

Hey mentor goddess! I am bestowing an award on you if you want to come by and pick it up from my blog. Thanks for all that you do!

Unknown said...

Oh, it was so gorgeous here today. Mid-70's and the hill has just about 1/3 color to it. I walked a slow mile, bout killed me. Maybe I'll try for 2 tomorrow. So if I don't update my blogs, it's because two DID kill me!