Acai Berry

Okay I have never heard of this really until recently, it is supposedly a berry that will help in losing weight and fighting toxins. I went to a health food store to pick up something and all I saw was acai this and that and thought oh, OK. They basically say it could be anything but as long as it contains acai in it, it's good for you and will help you shed those pounds. Another gimmick?


Unknown said...

I was wondering about it to, but like you am leery about another supplement/vitamin, etc to make you lose weight. Guess I'll do a bit of research.

Ash said...

I love the Acai fruit cup thing at Jamba Juice... so yummy. I wonder if they still have it - it's been a while.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I saw something about this on Oprah. There are so many hypes around weight loss it's crazy!

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