Britney Spears MP3

What can i say about Britney spears that everyone has not heard about already? She has been through so much in her short lifetime, from being a hit pop star at an early age, to being married, being a mom and of course, divorced, all of this before she was 25 I think. I admit many of her songs are catchy which is why she sold so much albums and sold out so many concerts, she has fans from all over, if you are a fan and want to hear some of here stuff here is britney spears mp3 download, where you can get it form that site. I actually liked that era where it was all nsync and backstreet boys and Britney, those music were a whole lot better than many of the stuff that is out now, so I don't mind her, she is also a great performer, that I can always say, she had the energy to really perform her butt off, I know because I have seen many of her live shows. I can't wait to hear many of her new stuff since she is making a comeback really soon, I think something is already in ther works, I have already heard the buzz about her and to be expected. Hopefully all of the things that went on in her life when she was going through some stuff, she can put that all behind her and just move on from now, I remember that mtv performance, oh man...was not her best. She has 2 beautiful boys and hopefully she can focus on here career and that. Here is to britney and may everything that she does is a hit. I just hope that nothing else happens to her again, seems like she has been through alot. Good Luck Britney, your fans still love you!


Anonymous said...

I loke love britney songs very much........ thats for the announcements

hklover86 said...

are you going to watch the 90 minute special thats on tonight?? Well its on today in canada..i dont know if its on today in the US tho..prolly!