The economy and Your Job

Wondering how is everyone feeling about how secure they are in their job right now given the situation of our economy and how much it sucks. Many places are laying people off and hitting everyone's pockets are being hit. I guess depending on what you do, you have a reason to worry or not, I for one have many eggs in my basket just in case one thing does not work out because everything gets effected one way or another. I sayhold on to what you have and pray for the best!


Ash said...

Hey, you changed you blog! Looks good. I'm from the wahm forum, btw. I actually just landed a super part-time job. I had to really hunt for it, though, and was worried I wouldn't find anything. I'm trying the blogging thing, which we've been discussing for forever now. You are so sweet and helpful over there! Here are my blogs if you're interested:


Oh, and I've even been worried about my husband's job even though he is a really good worker and secure with the company. The problem is that the company, like most companies right now, is not so secure. :/

We'll pull out of this, though.

razz said...

Thans ash, I do hope that everything works out for your hubby! I will chec out your sites thanks for stopping by!

Mommy said...

Yeah, you're right about needing many eggs...multiple streams has always been the way to go and it is for sure now!