South Florida Homeschool Program

As a mom, I am all for programs that will help kids in any way and right now, I support this South Florida Homeschool Program. Here is an open house that will be held in Broward County, FL for first - eighth graders and their parents. What is so awesome about this open house is that students will participate in an interactive, hands-on math class, build an electromagnet and start to program a virtual robot. All of these activities (plus others) are available during IMACS' weekly home-school program.

IMACS Holds Hi-Tech Home-School Open House
Home-school families and support groups are invited to attend

(Please note that a full formatted version of this release is available at http://www.imacs.org/FileData/IMACSWeb/images/Hi-Tech_Home-School_Open_House.pdf.)

(PLANTATION, FLA. – Oct 31, 2008) The Institute for Mathematics & Computer Science (IMACS) will open its doors Mon, Nov 17, to the South Florida home-school community. Home-school families, support groups and co-ops are invited to attend IMACS’ first ever Hi-Tech Home-School Open House.

The Plantation event is open to first through eighth grade home-school students and will focus on technology and math, two subjects which have become increasingly important to the home-school community.

First through fourth graders and their parents will get to experience an interactive math class. Rather than teaching arithmetic and memorization, the class will focus on logical thinking and problem solving. An IMACS instructor will present students with a variety of challenging mathematical concepts using visual and physical tools, logic games and math puzzles. At the end of the class, the instructor will discuss with each parent his or her child’s strengths and specific needs. After the class, students will get a chance to win prizes by solving logic puzzles and games while parents are given an opportunity to meet IMACS instructors and explore the curriculum.

While building an electronic device, fifth through eighth graders will learn hands on about electromagnets. Afterwards, in the Virtual Robotics Lab, students will begin to build and program a robot in a virtual world where gears and wheels – and the robots these tools control – are genuinely affected by the laws and principles of physics. Parents will have the opportunity to look over the curriculum and watch their children participate in all of the activities.

The event starts at 10:15 am and will end at 11:45 am. IMACS Plantation is located at 7435 NW 4th St. Spaces are limited. Parents and group leaders can reserve their spot by calling 954-791-2333.

About the IMACS Home-School Program

For over 20 years, IMACS has been using math and computer programming as a way of teaching students logical reasoning skills. IMACS has recently discounted some of its classes and offered them during the day for homeschoolers.

“Parents of the students in our day program choose to homeschool their children because they want to be actively involved in providing their children with the best education possible. IMACS provides a way for such parent to supplement their children’s education in hi-tech subject areas, like computer programming, logic and electronics, areas in which parents don’t specialize or which they don’t have time to focus on,” IMACS President Terry Kaufman said.

The program includes some of IMACS' most popular classes:
• Math Enrichment,
• Computer Enrichment & Virtual Robotics,
• Logic Puzzles and
• Electronics.

In addition, the program features the following classes from IMACS educational partners:
• Chess from Cornwall Chess Services,
• Fine Art by Monkey See Monkey Do Art Studio and
• Cooking and Reading Comprehension by Book n Cookin.
(See supplementary material for class descriptions.)

Classes are held during the morning and are available for first through eighth graders. Parents may choose either a one-hour class or a full-morning program.

For more information about the IMACS Homeschool Program, visit http://homeschool.imacs.org or call 954-791-2333.

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