Turkey leftover ideas

So you have all of this turkey, what in the world can you do besides turkey sandwiches and whatever you can try and throw together but here are a few ideas that will make you need a bottle of Orovo by the time you are done. This is just a few ideas that I have and trying them out, some I already did and enjoy it.

Turkey Tacos- just get one of those already made kits where all you need to add is the meat and you are good to go

Turkey Pot pie- a pie dish, already made pie crusts, some chopped up turkey, mixed veggies, broth, onions toss it all together and see what you get

Turkey omelette- this one i tried but i might change things up a bit, some red peppers, onions, eggs, and of course shredded turkey, seasoning of choice and eggs

turkey egg roll- I actually love this one, it was a little weird when i thought of it but it turned out good. Turkey into strips, bag of Cole slaw mix, soy sauce, sesame oil and some salt and pepper and of course the eggroll wrappers, you can make them yourself or buy them.

turkey fajitas- very similar to the tacos, get a fajitas kit and have fun!

I am sure there is more, I will just keep adding as I play with it.


Mom Times Three said...

We have so much leftover turkey! My MIL bought a 25 lb turkey, and there were only 8 of us! Thanks for the ideas.

Mom Times Three

Marrid66 said...

These are great ideas for leftovers. The problem is for me after eating turkey for a couple of days I just don't want to look at it again.

Karen aka marrid66

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Native American Momma said...

We had 11 pies and 9 people LOL. Don't you just love the holidays. I usually rotate turkey left overs and ham left overs. Turkey noodle soup, pot of beans chock full of ham. Also scalloped potatoes with ham and mac-a-roni and cheese with lots of ham stirred in.
I am going to try out the turkey taco's tonight, I just took the last of the turkey out of the freezer.

Lazy Housewife said...

Turkey fajitas sound great; I'll have to give that a try after our Christmas turkey. P.S. Added you to my Blog Roll!