Ways To Keep Looking Young

So many people have told me that I could still pass for a teen(thank you, thank you) okay maybe not a teen but young right? Anyways there is so many ways to still keep that youthful look and have those people guessing your age. One of the keys is taking care of your skin, oh my gosh I can not tell what that does, right now, the age that you are now, you want to maintain that look so that once you get older, you look more than you actually are, did that make sense?

Biggest evil of all is stress, man oh man is stress a great way to help those lines and helps the aging process. Seriously, try to relax, if everything in life seems to be going the opposite way of the way you want it, take a breather and let go. Meditate for a bit thing of all the things that makes you happy and try to stay on that ride for a bit. Try to do this often, it helps. I get slammed with so much stressful things sometimes all at once and I have to step back and just say look, I am not going to let this bother me.

Eat the food that will help you looking young. What is so awesome is that many of the foods there I already know that it helps to keep you young, so I can vouch for that much. Live free by helping to keep that youthful look.

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