Who wants a Dinosaur for Christmas?

If you can not think of what to get your kids for christmas or just want to get something really cool and be known as the coolest mom ever, get them a dinosaur! Playskool Kota the Triceratops is a robot that has 11 sensors and this thing can respond to touch as well as sound. The price is $300, if ou do not mind dishing out that kind of moola, I would get it but be too worried it might freak out on the kids and go crazy, and end up on the news, I dont want that! Here check out the video of the dinosaur in action, this is not your average wholesale electronics.


Shannon*~ said...

omg I would have loved one of those as a kid haha

Unknown said...

It's crazy...they also have a life dog and horse like the dino...my kids are already screaming that they HAVE to have one...not gonna happen...$300 is crazy for that thing!