Crazy Weather

We have been having some crazy weather here in NY One moment its freezing cold in the low 20's and the next day its almost 60 degrees! One day it was snowing and rainy and then bam, nothing, weird and confusing. When I got these days its like what to wear because just because its cold in the morning, it gets warmer and did I mention that this also makes you super sick as I am now, lol. Ugh!

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Jem said...

Yes I agree the weather IS VERY WACKY !
Even here in Ohio it is rainy and cold.
Gets 2 degress colder it will be snow again.
And the germs in the air are really getting to the babies here too, runny little noses, ear aches...too sad.
Either let it be winter or let it be spring.
At my age i can forget things enough all by myself, but when I set out winter coats with the school clothes the night before and I get up to no snow and warm winds, almost makes me think I should have had the shorts still out...lol.