Gifts That People May not Want

Okay so its that time of year and if you are like me, you dont know what to get people year after year. But one thing that I do know is that there are certain gifts that I am POSITIVE that who ever it is, they will not like:

no scales, Fenphedra , seriously

A gift certificate for a makeover, its nice but what are you trying to say?

Dont get me something that YOU want

A Fake anything(purses, jewelry, etc.)

Regifting...Trust me I will know

Gag Gifts (Whoopie cushion)

Anything else you might think that you know people will not want/like?


growingupartists said...

No gag gifts? You mean, I should return the pack of 5 fake lottery tickets I bought at Walmart tonight for a buck?

Anonymous said...

I just hate it when people buy me things they want unless it's money or gift certificates.

Jem said...

I detest whoopie cushions, etc. and fruit cakes.
I don't want a $5 gift card from a major high buck department store either...don't shop there anyhow and where am I going to get the $99to pay for the rest of the gift from that store.
Just give me the cold hard cash and eventually I will gather enough $5s to get something useful.
p.s. sorry you are sik...get well soon.