Im Still Alive!

Okay so I have not been updating in ages but things ALWAYS gets hectic during the holidays, I seriously did not think it would be this crazy to the point where I am barely online working and blogging. Okay I will update and blog nonsense as always, lol. How is everyone? Hope santa was good to many of you or did he feel the recession too? LMAO!! ok ok back to work:)


Jem said...

All I can say is it' about time woman !
How the heck are we supposed to keep up on all the news in your neck of the woods if you decide to take a holiday from blogging?
Get with it and catch us up.
Yes Santa stopped by our house and he will have to make a second trip for my grandbabies that went on vacation thru the holidays...so my tree is still up and waiting.
Hope Santa did well for you and yours.
Glad to see you are still with us !
Happy New Year !

Marrid66 said...

I know what you mean my holiday was hectic too!

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