In Need of a Vacation

You are probably thinking why would I need a vacation when we basically just came from one, I mean the Xmas break. I love the holidays but lets face it, it is more stress than anything these days which is why I have my heart set on a Jersey Shore beach Vacation where we can have fun on great Wildwood attractions and roller coasters. I am such a big kid at heart and that is a good thing, Morey's Piers is for people of all ages, it does not matter if you are 8 or 88,you can still have loads of fun. They are also have a special holiday sale where you can get an awesome deal and save 40% on a season pass for both water parks...WOW. I am not that far from Jersey and this is a great place to go and make it a fun family trip. So bring grandma and grandpa or anyone who wants to go, trust me they will all have so much fun and so much memories to be had and they will all thank you for it later, I am getting excited just thinking about it, I am off to get my hands on that season pass.


Jem said...

Yes vacation sounds great.
I think I need 3 vacatiions a year though.

Jem said...

You are right about you just had a vacation...but if you are going to take another...sneak me in your suit case...I TOO AM READY !
and it sounds like fun !

The Diva said...

I've been to Wildwood, NJ. My folks took us there many times when we were kids and we always had a blast!


Emily Retherford said...

You can never have too many vacations! I say go for it!

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The Eclectic WAHM said...

Oh man, I'd give anything to spend a late spring/summer week in Ocean City, NJ. My family had a great house there when I was growing up and we spent a LOT of time on the Jersey shore. I want me some Johnson's Popcorn!!