Getting Paid To write

so as of late, my friends and I have been really enjoying writing for these 2 companies, I am sure many of you have heard about them, Textbroker and Demand Studios! A great way to make extra money online. What I love about these 2 is no waiting for a month to get paid, With TB, they pay bi weekly to your paypal and DS pays weekly, goes great for those that need etra cash! Many people are using these sites to supplement their income. With TB the pay may be low, but you can browse through which articles you want to write, once again, its up to you if you want to write for them at anywhere from $2 and up an article depending on your ratings. The only thing about DS is the rewrites, ugh, but aside form that, its awesome. I love it!! They both get a thumbs up for me as far as making that $$.

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