Free Drink My Coke Rewards

Many people re participating in the coke rewards program where you enter codes and hopefully save enough for cool prizes.

1. Log in or register at My Coke Rewards
2. Click on "Pick up points" tab (black) in the upper left-hand corner
3. Look for the T.G.I.Friday's logo that says "Get 25 Bonus Points"
4. Fill out the form to sign-up for T.G.I. Friday's "Give Me More Stripes" club
5. Receive a code by email after you submit your form
6. Enter the code at the My Coke Rewards site at the top left-hand box
7. 25 Bonus Points are awarded to your account
8. Click on "Spend your points" tab (black) in the upper left-hand corner
9. Browse the Rewards that cost 11-50 points
10. Choose your Reward for 24 points via coupon by mail:
FREE Dasani Essense (18.5 oz), or Powerade (32 oz), or Minute Maid (20 oz)

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