Pediatrician Molested 103 Children

Wow! When I read this I was so pissed off, I mean what kind of world we are living in when you can not even trust your child's doctor? I must admit that I have never left my ids alone with the doctor in the first place, I always make sure that I am in the room no matter what. This man is very sick and many of his victims were as young as 3 months!!! The only thing that will give me satisfaction is knowing that he will not last long in jail, not if the other inmates have anything to say/do about it, yuk!

"Bradley was initially arrested on 33 felony charges, including rape and sexual exploitation of a child. That arrest came on Dec. 16 after a 2-year-old girl told her mother that Bradley had taken her into a basement room of his office and hurt her.

A search warrant executed on Bradley's medical practice and home resulted in the discovery of more than 13 hours of video recordings depicting multiple incidents of child sexual abuse, authorities said. It remains unclear how many of the alleged victims in the recordings have been identified.

The number of alleged victims has significantly increased throughout the course of the investigation, prosecutors said. They said they expect to add more counts to the already lengthy indictment.

Bradley's attorney, Eugene Maurer Jr., was unavailable for comment today. In an earlier interview with CNN, he said his defense would most likely center on Bradley's mental health.

"Most of the evidence in this case comes from videotapes -- it's kind of hard to argue with videotapes," Maurer said. "The issue in this case is going to come down to his mental health at the time."

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