Bed Bugs Infestation

For some time now, NY and I am sure other places have been complaining at the amount of bed bugs that are everywhere. I know that a Abercrombie and Victoria Secret store has been shut down due to infestation. My friend, who lives close by, told me that they had to get new mattresses because they have bed bugs. I recall her having these what looked like mosquito bites but then she saw one of the bugs and realized what it was.

I refuse to go to her home, which I usually do every other day, because of this.I can not risk putting my family in harms way because they can latch on to your clothing and next thing you know, ba, we have them here, I would freak out! But you can also get them from just about anywhere,company can come to your home and bring them in, public transportation is very common. She plans on getting rid of them herself with natural remedies but her husband wants to call an exterminator, yikes.

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