Cutting Groceries Cost

I used to be one of those people where I would shop for anything,no realist to go on and if I did, rarely followed it. I used to spend hundred of dollars per month to feed my family. Half the time I came from shopping and wondered what the heck did I buy? SO Lately I have decided to make a list and stick to it! Meal Planning is the key.I sit and research some recipes based on what I have at home and get ideas of what I can make and what I need to get in order to make it. This makes things so much easier. I buy the necessities,meats and sides,things like that. Make a meal planner and shop, that's is it and with that method, I cut y groceries in more than half and still have enough food to feed for to whole weeks. I have started back bulk cooking and taking it slowly, but doing it.

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