Diaper bag must haves

As a mom to many, I have learned that there are some essentials that one must have to carry in your diaper bag when going out. I have made mistakes before and have wished I have bought this or that along but I make a checklist and this is pretty much what goes in.

*Hand sanitizer. Great for before and after diaper changes to protect you and the baby.

*Clorox wipes. To clean those icky surfaces where you know germs are just lurking there.

*Changing pad. These are a life saver. When I go somewhere and there is actually a changing table, who knows how much germs are on it already? eek. So carrying a pad is helpful.

*Toys, back up pacifiers and more toys. When your little one drops his toy, you can easily make a switch to something less germy. And toys keep them quiet for a short time.

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