Enjoying the sun during Christmas

Enjoying the sun during Christmas

Thanks for the article from Isaiah Gaines

My sister offered to have my husband and I stay with her in Phoenix for Christmas. We said yes and headed right over. Before we left the house we set the home security alarm from securitychoice. We have been able to catch two Phoenix Suns games and listen to all of our favorite local bands. The nights have been filled with activity and the days have been spent indoors, out of the sun. Staying in Phoenix is a huge upgrade for a snow fearing person such as myself. Year in and year out we have been staying in Montana for the holidays. My sister knows how the gloomy snow can affect me and that is why her offer has been so generous.

My sister is the best cook in the world and she decided to introduce us to some of the Southwestern cuisine that we have been missing out on. Just last night she made pozole and sopapillas. This is something you definitely won't find at your local, run of the mill Taco Bell. She said that her special preparation was one she learned from the maid. The maid that comes by every two weeks also gives her cooking lessons. I am eager to meet this woman and get a lesson or two for myself. Bob would love to bring some of Phoenix home with us!

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