Sorry, I'm Trying to Relax!

Hectic days and crazy hours makes a not-so-fun mom. Between the kids and keeping up with the house and being a lovely wife, I need some time to myself, I need to relax, I need to not want to scream right this moment. Luckily, there are relaxation techniques that we can do, to help us deal and feel right as rain.

Breathing Deeply. Inhale and exhale slowly and do this a few times letting your chest lift as you fill your lungs with air and exhale. This one you can do anywhere at anytime.

Music and sounds. I love listening to soft music and even sounds of nature and amazon rain helps me feel so much better ans is actually my choice of relaxing. I often fall asleep listening to these. You can purchase sounds from amazon.

Mental Images. Try to picture yourself on an island paradise or a nice beautiful skyline. When we think of beautiful images or see them, it takes us to a place where we actually are thankful for our hectic lives and the people in them, at lease I can say that I feel that way. It makes you feel good all around.

These tips may or may not work for you, but it is worth a shot to try them and see if you can relax. We all need time to ourselves to regain energy in order to operate.

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