Visiting Mom

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

This year my sister and I decided to fly out and surprise mom over the summer since we’re both teachers and that’s the best time of year for us. It’s going to be so great and we’re staying for three weeks so I’m sure she’ll be sick of us by the time we leave! I wish I could stay longer because Mom’s so much fun but I have to get back to school eventually I guess. I have a Http://Home-Alarm-Systems.COM/ alarm so I’m not really worried about the house and my neighbor said she’d come over once a day to feed the fish anyway. I’ve got to figure out how to pack in such a small bag but other than that I can’t wait for the trip to get here! I know mom is going to be beside herself when we call her from the airport and tell her to come pick us up so I guess we’ll find out how she takes it in just a few short weeks!

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