Stay at home mom and exercise

Being a stay at home mom or a work at home mom, finding time to get everything done in a day AND still find time to workout can be a struggle. Luckily there are some helpful tips that can help us squeeze in a little bit of fitness while we conquer the day ahead.

1. Exercise with your family. Set up some time during the day if you can and make it a family thing while doing a few things such as running in place, some jumping jacks or marching while watching tv.

2. Workout during nap time. This can be hard because once the kiddies are napping it is so tempting to nap along with them to rest your body from a possible long and tiring day, but if you can, get a few reps or lounges and jumping jacks in while they are resting.

3. Join a gym with child care. More and more gyms are offering services with child care because a lot of new mommies and moms with toddlers are looking t get in shape or stay in shape.

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