Tips to get your baby sleeping

My youngest is a toddler but I remember not too long ago how difficult it can be to get them to sleep when it is time to go nighty night. One of my dearest friends asked me how to get her baby to sleep and I told here these tips I am about to share here. Bath. A warm bath right before sleep time can work wonders. Quiet and lights out. Most people like to sleep with the tv on or some type of noise in the background, but no lights and a quiet surrounding can help your little one sleep. And this will help them know that once lights are out, time to sleep. Naps. make sure that your little one naps during the day, keeping him up in hope that they will sleep longer is not true and is not good for your baby at all. Your baby needs a routine so be sure that you are helping them sleep at the same time each night so that they will know it like clock work. There are so many ways to help them sleep be sure to ask your pediatrician what to do if you need help with anything else or have any questions about your baby.

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