How to eat healthy and not starve

When we think of eating healthy, we think oh boy, time to cut down portions and chew on celery through out the day. Not true. In fact, I haven't been really watching what I eat for the last few months but find that I still make healthy choices because of my kids and because of that I have lost about 20 pounds with little effort. Here is a glance of what I eat on an average day: Breakfast- some type of fruit or make a fruit smoothie snack- handful of almonds lunch- open face sandwich on whole wheat toast (turkey, light mayo, Swiss cheese) snack- fruit Dinner- meat, salad, veggies (serve on small plate) That is what my day usually consists of with meals and with all of that I always drink water, you will always see me with a water bottle in my hand wherever I go. I don't drink as much pop or sweet drinks, only occasionally. You do not have to make drastic changes or even starve yourself to drop some pounds, just make healthy choices and you will see the weight coming off as you go.

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