Honeywells Donation Fund Scam

I received an email today and it seems to be one of those scams and they even provided a link (which I did not click just in case) to a news story about lottery winners The subject of the email said "Cash Donation to you and your family

 "Your "EMAIL" is one of the email addresses listed to receive US$2,500,000.00 million from HoneyWells Donation Fund, a charitable group funded by Virginia's newest multi-millionaires. For claims, send your •Name,•Age,•Phone,•Country. Follow the link below to know more about the sponsors of this donation; http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/217-Million-Powerball-Winner-to-be-Announced-in-Virginia-191186931.html#comments Sincerely, President -Dave & Nancy Honeywell."

 I noticed the email had a .de at the end which I believe is form denmark? I am sure they are trying to gather some info on as much people just like any other scam out there. I am so sick of these emails, but the only thing we can do is report it and take precautions.

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