Why I HATE FedUp..er Fed Ex

I have a very strong dislike for this service hat Fed Ex doesnt really do much of and that is deliver packages. I have had at lease 4 bad experiences which is enough for me to officially say that I hate them. The latest one? I am waiting home all day for a package that I ordered to come via two day shipping from Amazon. I had stuff to do so I specifically took that day off, guess what? They never came. I go to the site to track package, which is a joke by the way, and it said an attempt was made, package is back at facility. Well! An attempt was made, but somehow..no door tag, AND surveillance footage proves...no freaking delivery or delivery guy. UPS is my number one choice, ALWAYS, but, it is not up to me how amazon decides to ship their items so I have to pray to the gods that it is not by fed ex. I make a call and pretty much was brushed off and told maybe the driver could not find the address, hahahahahha. Ladies and gents, UPS made a delivery that day and many other days with no problems. MY package had time sensitive material and I have to wait extra days to get it because they dont do weekends. Pardon my french, but fed ex are fucking ass wipes that needs to get their shit together! /end rant

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